As you are aware, various activities are undertaken both at the national and the state levels to contribute towards the overall development of communities. Moreover, knowledge of the history of management accounting will facilitate an understanding of the future of this profession. As Plato said in 370 AD: development, other studies have shown that the two factors interact in interesting and important ways. the history and development of management accounting is required before the gap between education and practice can be investigated. The development of the US aid program Both of these kinds of rationales for the provision of foreign aid can be seen in the development of the United States aid program through the Cold War. Society then actively organises the new activity by establishing supportive laws, systems and institutions. sustainable development. Development occurs when pioneering individual initiatives are imitated by others, multiplied and actively supported by the society. As is discussed, the existing body of evidence indicates that the greatest effect that geography has on economic development is through its influence on history. Community Development is the second module in the course on Social Work and Development. History and Theories 2. However, as a contemporary buzzword ‘sustainable development’ has become rather overworked. The paper also presents the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the associated debate regarding the trade-offs, complementarities, costs and benefits, as well as Section 6 concludes by discussing the current direction of future research. This module deals with the concept, challenges, policies and programmes related to community development. US foreign aid to non-European countries really got going with the 1950 Act for International Development (McGuire 1962; Amuzegar 1958). International law reflects the establishment and subsequent modification of a world system founded almost exclusively on the notion that independent sovereign states are the only relevant actors in the international system. DEVELOPMENT COMMUNICATION-HISTORY AND THEORIES / 9 DEVELOPMENT COMMUNICATION This entry includes three articles, each dealing with a different aspect of the subject: 1. Historical development. Sustainable development, a concept that emerged in the context of a growing awareness of an imminent ecological crisis, seems to have been one of the driving forces of world history in the period around the end of the 20th century. Alternative Systems 3. The issues include the history of SD as well as the pillars and principles of this concept. 2.

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