Rose Jam. Spearmint is refreshing and invigorating; it clears the mind and cools the skin while gentle lavender and sandalwood notes add a woody base to the fragrance. Blast away the cobwebs and spritz all over for a revitalising burst of fresh air. Pump up the jam MYR180.00 / 200ml: New. Spray yourself fresh day or night, sandalwood helps to combat unwanted odors, and the famous Dirty scent of tarragon, lavender and subtle spearmint will fool even the most discerning nose. I get many compliments from colleagues at the NHS. Vanillary. Lush Manufacturing Ltd. Case Settles for $6,300 Between January 2011 and August 2014, Lush Manufacturing LTD (Lush) sold, supplied, and offered for sale in California Lush Dirty Body Spray and several additional products which were in violation of VOC limits contained in ARB’s Consumer Product Regulations. Honey I Washed The Kids. Stay up to date with product launches, events and much more. She told me it was a body spray called Dirty. Your Review. Body sprays to scent any season. Head here for more Body Sprays. Life gets busy and out of control; a spritz of Dirty Body Spray provides the deodorizing action needed by today’s modern peeps too often rushed off of their feet. Spearmint, tarragon and sandalwood. Spritz a latte love with this velvety vanilla body spray. This intoxicating blend of energising spearmint, grounding sandalwood and herbal essential oils is sure to lift you off your feet. I smelt Dirty on my daughters midwife and had to ask what perfume it was as I loved the smell of it. In need of a wake up call? Snuggle up with the spicy warmth of benzoin resinoid, velvety vanilla and sweet tonka absolute for a heart-warming fragrance. Body Spray. Related Products. Continue. Vegan. Dirty. $40.00 / 200ml. Body Spray . Leaving Soon . Body Spray. Truly scrumptious. Well I ordered some and I absolutely love it, it’s so fresh and refreshing, you smell amazing with it on. The body spray is a lighter concentration than the liquid perfume (which is why you get more spray foe less $$) but imo they both smell strongly of Dirty. You won't be disappointed in scent regardless or which one you buy. Body Spray . Scent description: Each spritz evokes cosy cafe visits and the atmospheric blend of freshly baked goods and comforting hot drinks. Vegan. Product Code: Dirty - Body Spray - 200ml Reviews (1) Write a review. Rating Bad Good. ... Sign up to the Lush Newsletter. Your Name.

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