If the depth of root zone of a crop, is 80 cm, the storage capacity of the soil, is 5) The optimum depth of kor-watering for rice is about, 6) Normally difference between the crest level of the under-sluices and the crest level of the weir is, 7) Furrow method of irrigation is most suitable for. 8) Among the following, which crop has the highest value to delta? Agriculture MCQ: Que. 6.Which of the salt present in water is harmful for cultivation purposes? 122.The capacity of escape channel should not be less than ……………. as compared to a proportional outlet. Field capacity or water holding capacity of the soil. Check Recommended Agricultural Books for Competitive Exams - By Advance Agri Classes. 108.Kennedy gave his own formula for the determination of mean velocity, Where VO = Critical velocity in a channel, 110.According to Lacey, a channel is said to be in regime, if, 111.The main cause of silting in channel is, 112.Lacey assumed that silt is kept in suspension because of the normal components of eddies generated from the, 114.The Lacey’s silt factor(f) is equal to. Question No. The moisture content at which permanent wilting of plants takes place, is called the wilting point (C) The moisture deficiency will be different at different points (D) All the above Answer: Option D . as compared to a proportional outlet. ADVERTISEMENTS: List of 85+ MCQs on soil science ! a) 15. b) 7. c) 45. d) 150 127.For a discharge of 4 m3/s in Sarda type fall, ……………….. crest is used. Where            P = Precipitation, E = Evaporation, and R = Run-off. Where                 C = Flood coefficient, and A = Area of basin in sq km. 115.The channel after attaining its section and longitudinal slope, will be said to be in …………………… regime. 106.The relation given by Kennedy for critical velocity in m/s is, Where              m = Critical velocity ratio, and. 65.Which of the following method is useful for obtaining values of flood discharges for a high recurrence interval? A 2. Hue denotes (A) Dominant spectrum (B) Lightness or brightness (C) Purity ADVERTISEMENTS: (D) Intensity Ans. These short objective type questions with answers are very important for Board exams as well as competitive exams. 9) The canal which is not supposed to do any irrigation is called, 10) The infertility of the soil in waterlogged area is due to, (a) death of bacteria causing nutrification, Gujarat University Hall Ticket 2020 Sem 1 2 3 4 5 6 Admit Card, HNBGU Date Sheet 2020 Semester Exam Date UG, PG, HNBGU Admit Card 2020 Download BA BSc BCom Semester, Thiruvalluvar University Exam Time Table 2020 BA, MA Semester, Thiruvalluvar University Hall Ticket 2020 Download BA MA. 128.A parabolic  glacis type fall is commonly known as, 129.When the water is thrown into a well over a crest from where it escapes near its bottom, the type of fall is called, 130.A sudden fall of level of ground along the alignment of a canal joined by an inclined bed is called a, 131.The relation for discharge (Q) over a rectangular crest of a Sarda fall is, Where                L = Length of crest in metres, 132.The cylinder or well fall is quite suitable and economical for, 133.According to Blench formula, the depth of cistern below the down stream bed (x) in metres is given by. D = Depth of water over the bed portion of a channel in metres. 179.An aggrading river is a ……………. 20% B. Field Capacity, Available Soil Water and Permanent Wilting Point. The field capacity of a soil is 25%, its permanent wilting point is 15% and specific dry unity weight is 1.5. Question No. Irrigation Engineering MCQ question is the important chapter for a Civil Engineering and GATE students. 149.The setting of an outlet is defined as the ratio of the. 04) The field capacity of a soil is 25%, its permanent wilting point is 15% and specific dry unity weight is 1.5. 150.For the pipe outlet to be proportional, the outlet is set at ……………. 5. If the depth of root zone of a crop, is 80 cm, the storage capacity of the soil, is Irrigation water having the concentration of Na++, Ca++ and Mg++ as 20, 3 and 1 Milli equivalent per litre respectively will be classified as a) low sodium water b) medium sodium water c) high sodium water This will help you to learn about the frequently asked objective type questions on soil science especially compiled for ICAR, ARS, IARI Ph.D and other competitive exams. 4.Sandy soils with good drainage become impermeable after prolonged use, if it is irrigated with a water containing ………………….. sodium. 4) To avoid formation of saline soil, water table should be kept at least ______ below root zone. 92.Intensity of irrigation should be increased in order to prevent the area from water logging. 194.A groyne with a curved head is known as, 195.When the bed level of the canal is higher than the highest flood level (H.F.L) of the drainage, then the cross drainage work is said to be, 196.When the drain is over the canal, the structure provided is known as, 197.When the levels are such that the F.S.L. These short solved questions or quizzes are provided by Gkseries. Agriculture Mcqs Agriculture Mcqs for Preparation of FPSC, KPPSC, PPSC , SPSC, BPSC, NTS OTS ETEA and other tests. The depth below the water surface. 185.The basic factor which controls the process of meandering is. 1 Productivity of Rice is highest in --- state Maharashtra Tamilnadu Punjab Gujarat Que.2 The rice variety Moisture content at permanent wilting point; Difference in water content of the soil between field capacity and permanent wilting (Ans) Maximum moisture holding capacity; All of these; 15.The field capacity of a soil depends upon. 43.The method of irrigation used for orchards is, 44.The hydrology is a science which deals with the, 45.The knowledge of hydrology is necessary in civil engineering for, 47.The science which deals with the physical features and conditions of water on the earth surface is called, 48.The earth’s water circulatory system, is known as, 49.The fall of moisture from the atmosphere to the earth surface in any form, is called. Be so designed that the farmer cannot temper with its functioning. 154.Which of the following is a type of non-modular outlet? Page-11 section-4 Correct Answer. Explanation: Permanent wilting point (PWP) or wilting point (WP) is defined as the minimal point of soil moisture the plant requires not to wilt. 136.The fall which can be used as a meter fall, is, 138.A device which ensures a constant discharge of water passing from one channel to another irrespective of water level in each within certain specified limits, is called, 139.An outlet in which the discharge depends upon the difference in level between the water levels in distributing channel and the water course, is known as, 140.In a flexible outlet, the discharge depends upon the, 141.When discharge of an outlet is independent of the water levels in the water course and the distributary, the outlet is termed as a, 143.The ratio of the rate of change of discharge of an outlet to the rate of change of the discharge of the distributing channel, is termed as, 144.In a proportional outlet, the rate of change of its discharge is ………………… the rate of change of the discharge of the distributing channel, 145.The ratio of the head recovered to the head put in an outlet, is called, 146.An outlet is said to be proportional, if its flexibility is. of the canal is, 201.In a syphon, the underside of the trough carrying drainage water is ……………….. the F.S.L. 76.Inundation canals draw their supplies from rivers whenever there is a ………………… stage in the river. 135.The Inglis type fall makes use of …………………….. impact for energy dissipation. 104.Non-silting, non-scouring velocity is called ……………….. velocity of flow. If the depth of root zone of a crop, is 80 cm, the storage capacity of the soil, is (A) 8 cm (B) 10 cm (C) 12 cm (D) 14 cm Answer: Option C Question No. The outlet factor for the crop in hectares per cumec will be, 39.Where steep land is available, the method of irrigation adopted is, 40.For closed growing crops (such as wheat), the method of irrigation used is, 41.Check flooding method of irrigation is used for. If the depth of root zone of a crop, is 80 cm, the storage capacity of the soil, is (A) 8 cm (B) 10 cm (C) 12 cm (D) 14 cm Answer: Option C Question No. 93.The measure adopted to reclaim the water-logged area is, 94.The most economical section of a lined canal is, 98.The sodium carbonate lining consists of at least, 99.For the repairing of an old but sound concrete lining, the lining preferred is, 101.Garret’s diagram gives the graphical method of designing a channel based on, 102.Kennedy, in his silt theory, assumed that the silt is kept in suspension because of eddies generated from the. 180.A river meandering through an alluvial plain has a series of consecutive curves of reversed order connected with short straight sketches, is called, 182.The degree of sinuosity is the ratio between the, 183.Tortuosity of a meandering river is the ratio of.

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