He regularly advises companies on how to improve and get the maximum ROI from their recruitment processes. It is a little bit harsh to completely write off a candidate who gets this question wrong. By the way (just in case) the answer is… if you place the first letter of each word at the end of it instead, it makes the same word backwards (does that make sense?). I can tell you the most recent gift, but I can not tell you the last gift i have given someone. 30 Interview Questions, Pinched from the World’s Most Successful Businesses. Under pressure to impress, our brains can shut down and make it extremely difficult to think straight. Another tricky little brainteaser to catch your candidates out. Well, everyone loves to receive the gifts or presents.It is an act of happiness. No timescale, whenever we find the right person, 5 Ways to Tell if Someone is Lying to You, 8 Trick Interview Questions to Trip Up Your Candidates. Tags: See More, See Less 8. The owners and manager of the restaurant knew us all and were eager to assist us in the prank. By using this website you agree to the use of cookies. Are brainteasers really a fair way to assess job candidates? Click here to view our Privacy and Cookie Policies. If you’d like to check out more brainteasers to assess critical thinking, click here. Author has 4.8K answers and 9.2M answer views. My niece likes it and is learning to read. What was the last gift you gave someone? So instead, I would like to showcase a creative gift I received this weekend from a dear friend. think about it as honestly. 1 decade ago. 100% Upvoted. I can tell you the most recent gift, but I can not tell you the last gift i have given someone. Close • Posted by. They’re really tricky and put an awful amount of pressure onto candidates who are probably already really nervous. A candidate who clearly has an understanding of the world and doesn’t attempt to push their opinion on you, illustrates great communication and interpersonal skills. 1. Should You Hire an Overqualified Professional? I spent an afternoon in an assisted-living home and helped with the Bingo tournament. The last gift I gave was a nice tip to a very good tour guide. This random interview question, something you’d expect to be asked in discussion with friends, has been credited to Bed Bath & Beyond. I gave a kidney to a sick little girl who was on the verge of death, Her parents could not afford the operation so I performed the operation myself, I am a pizza delivery man with just a pair of scissors. You should mention that the occasion was only a couple of months ago and this is the latest gift you gave to someone. I’m not going to lie, I’m not sure I’d get this question right under the pressure of an interview… for more ridiculous brainteasers, click here. Click here to find out the answer to a very similar puzzle. save hide report. Log in or sign up to leave a comment log in sign up. This question may seem a little pointless but remember, it’s all about asking your candidate something unexpected and getting them off-script for a while. So, if you ever feel that an interview is going a little too well and you’re hearing answers that are a little too rehearsed, then why not chuck in a couple of bizarre curve ball questions? The question actually assesses whether an interviewee has a positive or negative outlook on life and it will show you a little something about their personality too; are they superstitious? Interview question for Data Analyst.What was the last gift you gave someone? She likes to read. My package with a mind blowing trip to heaven. You really don’t need to consider the ins and outs of a lily pad and its growth cycle; you just need to work backwards and use a little bit of common sense. James is the founder and owner of Coburg Banks and a recruitment expert from Sutton Coldfield in the UK. This interview question is attributed to General Motors and you might just recognise it from our recent blog post: 30 Interview Questions, Pinched from the World’s Most Successful Businesses. Again, this question could be a source of frustration or even anger for candidates who don’t have a great temper and aren’t willing to play the game. I have many more gifts to give. Savvy jobseekers will rigorously prepare themselves before interviewing. The information provided is from their perspective. comment. Time. Trick interview question 1: How honest are you? Favorite Answer. If you do, whilst you might be able to locate someone for your Marketing Manager position with excellent problem solving skills, you may actually alienate the perfect candidate for the position who didn’t pass their GCSE maths. I gave my ex-girlfriend a diamond.. - she gave me a disease. Why Life Skills Are So Essential In Job Candidates, Why do candidates lie in interviews & how can YOU suss them out? Close. What's the best way of getting in touch? What was the last personalized gift you gave someone? Dear Qi qi, The last gift that I received was from my husband. Their response will reveal a lot more than just whether they are an honest person: how do they handle the pressure? . The last gift I had to unwrap was from my wife. Sort by. share. 1 decade ago. THE 20 MOST ODDBALL INTERVIEW QUESTIONS OF THE YEAR. A simple and honest answer that cites the benefits of the candidate’s favourite cereal. POLL: What was the last gift you gave someone.????? I have a very specific preference when it comes to perfumes. no comments yet. Answer Save. 3 of 21. Copyright © 2008–2020, Glassdoor, Inc. "Glassdoor" and logo are registered trademarks of Glassdoor, Inc. Trick interview question 5: Are you a lucky person? The gift of my company. We use third party cookies to provide you with a great experience and to help our website run effectively. Answer. If you feel comfortable enough to shoehorn some of these questions into an interview, you’ll be surprised how, in the right context, the candidate’s answers will support your decision making process, particularly by reflecting their values and personality. This question will break down some of the emotional barriers heightened during the interview and reveal something about the candidate’s personal character. u/deathuponme. share. Does your business really need an over-sharer? 30 Answers. 6 minutes ago. At Coburg Banks, we’re determined to help businesses grow through incredible hires. Talk about a gift that you gave to someone recently You should say: what the gift was; when it was given; whom you gave it to; and say how you felt about it. best. Anyone who answers correctly shows great critical thinking and listening skills! Talk about a gift that you gave to someone recently You should say: what the gift was; when it was given; whom you gave it to ; and say how you felt about it. Do they have a sense of humour? I do not remember for what occasion it was from, but it was within the last few months. My short term memory sucks these days. Our only question is, will one of them be yours? …OK that’s a little far, but the truth remains: in 99% of cases, you’re not going to get an accurate and natural representation of your candidate. Why you gave it? A candidate who says yes and humbly counts their blessings has a positive outlook, but also appears to understand that you have to work hard to make ‘good luck’ happen. For example, as gifts are given in special circumstances, it helps you understand if someone likes you, appreciates you, loves you or value you. What is a bad sign however, is a candidate who visibly seems angry at such questions and clearly isn’t willing to play the game. But I would like to talk about the gift or present that I recently gave to my sister.It is a beutiful gift as well as used to her.It is a beautiful wrist watch.My sister can use it in her exams.I gave it to my sister.Because her final Do they lose their temper? An ultra-focused candidate, confident enough to question your method. It’s a very clever way to entirely change the pace of the interview and make a well-prepared candidate really think twice, revealing insightful little characteristics of the candidate. It … best. The last gift I gave someone was the nightmare before christmas pajamas I bought for Nate as an early Christmas gift. My personal advice is to not ask this question unless you’re interviewing for a position where having a talent for maths is essential. So you want to start recruiting? The perfect answer of course is “completely.”, Watch out for squirming candidates who take a little too long to answer this question (and those of course, who admit to being compulsive liars!). If you’d like to receive a weekly dose of insider secrets on how to recruit the best staff for your business, click here to sign up to this blog. 9 comments. You’re going to look a little daft and it will be off-putting for the candidate. An open candidate will take this opportunity to tell you a little bit about their social life, rather than rattling off a snappy three-word answer. What was the last gift you gave someone? Mixing things up a bit and catching your candidates off guard will yield a truer response and reveal more about the ‘true them.’. "We change the world one client at a time through extraordinary analytics and advice on everything important facing humankind... – More.

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