607. (Modern roads A2 and A5) The Saxons ruled directly in the south and the Vikings in the north. 751 Paper making commences in Europe. 839 The son of Egbert, Ethelwulf rules 839-858 all of England but in 855 he is forced to allow the first permanent settlement of Vikings on the Island of Sheppey off the north coast of Kent. 711 Islamic invasion of Europe via Spain by North African Moors. None of his sons were the man their father had been. The theological centre of the Christian Church together with close-by Alexandria and Antioch. A key part of his message was that a poor man (for example a slave) had more chance of going to heaven than his rich boss. Key Cultural and Moral Milestones and Events, Vital Farming at the start of colonization, The Dark Ages (450 - 1066) - Introduction, The Plantagenets (1154-1485) - Introduction, The Plantagenets - The Angevins (1154-1216), The Plantagenets - The Houses of Lancaster and York (1399-1485), The Plantagenets - The Plantagenet Kings (1216-1399), The Tudors (1485- 1603) - Important events, The Stuarts - Kings & Queens (1603 - 1660), The Stuarts - Kings & Queens (1660 - 1714). Edward married Godwin’s daughter but having taken the monks vows of chastity had no children and indeed was said not to have consummated the marriage. 450 Britians from the south west of England flee to France and colonize the area now known as Brittany. Militarily he followed in the strong family tradition by suppressing Viking uprisings in Northumberland and Mercia and a Welsh threat in Cumbria. Welsh, Irish and Scottish people are mainly Celts without Saxon blood. 600 England now had boundaries similar to today. Step brother of Edward the Martyr. So in spite of being a Saxon King, he was by virtue of his 40 years or so in Normandy, essentially a Norman who spoke French better than English. The Germanic people invaded England and established a number of kingdoms between 450 and 600 AD. The ethnic Gaulist Romans remained and integrated with the Franks. Jesus lived and taught in Judea under Roman rule from about 5 BC to 30 AD and his message of peace and kindness was revolutionary at the time when slavery was the norm and cruelty and murder commonplace. Kingdoms of the British Isles around 800AD Map of the political divisions, or minor kingdoms, found in the British Isles and Eire around 800AD Additional Resources for this period of British History Follow this link for a time-line of the principle events of Anglo-Saxon … Constantinople was the political and theological capital of the Christian East Roman or Byzantium Empire and Baghdad the political and theological capital of the Islamic Arabs. Some put Hengist and Horsa as the first post Roman Germanic Kings of England. He would have employed Norman stone masons for this task as they were the leading stone Church builders in Europe, indeed the only craftsmen who at that time could have built it. Secondly Ethelflleda who when widowed became a nun which was quite usual for widows and unmarried sisters of Kings. A King in England would be expected to have the following qualities; English society and values over the last 75 years. His long 37 year reign was an unmitigated disaster. Harold marched north with two of his other brothers and eventually they defeated and killed Tostig and Harold Hardrada, King of Norway at Stamford Bridge in Northumberland. it divided England … The King of France only ruled the area round Paris, even now still called the Isle de France. before swamp draining by Dutch Engineers… The Heptarchy – 7 Kingdoms in the 7th Century The main English rivers The Shires of England . Guthrum was forced to give back half of his recently conquered England to Alfred (now the King) and recognise Alfred as King of all England. Research our special sections on diverse subjects ranging from presidential elections to naval history. Harold son of Godwin, had no inherited claim to the English throne but as the Earl of Wessex after his father’s death in 1053, he became the effective ruler of England during the remaining years of the reign of Edward and was rapidly voted King by the Witan on Edwards death. The north western quarter of both present day Spain and over the mountains into Portugal was the Kingdom of Leon-Castile. Leader of men by physical strength and oratory, Hobbies Hunting. 625 The Huns settle north of the Black Sea in present day Ukraine and change their name to Bulgars (hence later Bulgaria). Interestingly at this time Tarsus (in the very south east of present day Turkey) was under the Byzantium theological umbrella which they considered the font of Christian doctrine. There were no other towns of any significance in Western Europe. The Germanic tribes were better horsemen and hence very capable of hit and run tactics. (Now called Iranians). Athelstan continued where his father Edward had left off when a mighty army formed against him in the north of England at Brunanburg consisting of Vikings, from Northumberland and Ireland together with the Scots. Edwin was defeated by the Mercian overlord Penda at a battle near Doncaster. The Romans in Byzantium remain the cultural capital of Europe still ruling over all of Anatolia, eastern and southern Greece, and the extreme south east of Italy. Vikings from Sweden were the first to rule the land between the Baltic and the Black Sea around 1000 AD and they made their headquarters in Kiev now in the Ukraine. Canute died on 12 Nov 1035 and his extensive empire was split between three of his sons, Sweyn received Norway, Hardicanute got Denmark and England south of the Thames. Not surprisingly William won, killing Harold, Gyrth and Loefwine in the process. Frankish territories south of the huge river Rhine remain intact. The huge Islamic territories are fortunately no longer a unified threat against western Christianity as they have broken up into five individual Caliphates or Emirates who fight between themselves. By the year 878, Wessex was the only kingdom in the region that hadn't fallen to … 600 Following the rule of Justinian the east Romans have re-conquered most of Italy, North Africa, the Levant, the Balkans and Greece. Mercia is populated by Angles. The huge area between present day Finland, south towards the Black Sea comes under one ruler a Prince Oleg, a Viking from Sweden and becomes known as Russia.

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