Some are close to the tree and some are far away. They are already developing the buttressed trunks that are typical of the baldcypress. Before long, their roots will grow beneath the water and begin sending up the woody projections that are called "knees". ANSWER: Yes, the knees are part of the root system. Bald cypress trees are valued for the rot-resistant heartwood of mature trees, so they have been widely used to make fence posts, doors, flooring, caskets, cabinetry, boats, and more. ... Texas Forest Service's Mickey Merritt assesses knee removal as he does root removal. B.D., Dallas. Scientists aren't sure what function the knees have. Change the area to mulch or ground cover and try to dry out the soil. Bald Cypress also form structures called “knees” when growing in swampy areas. The root nodules are becoming a problem with my lawn mower. Originally thought to provide a source of oxygen for the root system, knees are now thought to … You would need to do some research to see if the roots would grow under the root … However, these days they are harvested less for timber because they are slow-growing, and there are … A bald cypress, Louisiana's state tree, is more prone to send up knees in moist areas. Personally I think they are suffering from some sort of root problem, like fungi, rot or are root bound and were not properly installed??? Print This Page Bald cypress roots expose themselves. Bald cypress can be safely planted along sidewalks and driveways because the root system grows deep. The roots come out of the ground for about 12 inches or less and then go back into the ground. Knees are woody projections from the root system that rise above the water level or ground. Hardy and tough, this tree will adapt to a wide range of soil types, whether wet, dry, or even swampy. This stately conifer, native to the Midwest, often is found in groupings in parks and larger spaces, along streets, and around lakes. Unlike most cone-bearing trees, bald-cypress loses its needles each winter and grows a new set in spring. The heart wood of the tree is very resistant to rot and is frequently used in fencing Bald cypress trees grow best in full sun and in a wide variety of … The three young bald cypress trees in the photo above should thrive at the lake's edge. QUESTION: I have bald cypress trees in my yard. I'm not a bald cypress expert, but given where they grow, I would guess that they are very shallow rooted. Would it damage the trees if I trimmed them off at ground level? QUESTION: I have a bald cypress, and the roots are coming out of the ground all around the yard. Most root barrier products come in 18 and 24" depth because this is generally deep enough for most trees. Are the white spots indicative of a variety of Cypress or is it indicative of the problem that they are suffering from.

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