The report notes the significant changes law enforcement has gone through in the … The science of crime prevention To most practitioners, crime prevention is an art. It is assumed that rationality applies not only to acquisitive crime but also to violent offending. Advantages of situation crime prevention In … Continued But as the U.S. Congress indicated in the law requiring this report, the art of crime prevention (like the art of medi-cine) can be evaluated and guided by the effectiveness of State and local crime prevention assistance programs funded Through this technology, data scientists develop algorithms that are ultimately aimed at reducing the crime rates based on the data collected from police records. In a recent report by IBM, High Performance Law Enforcement, industry experts David Edwards, global public safety solution sales manager and Dr. Mary Keeling, manager, economic analysis, global smarter cities program at IBM, discussed the benefits of deploying an analytics program to combat crime.. Situational crime prevention strategies are based on the 'routine activities' theory of crime - that is, that crime occurs where there is a clustering of a motivated offender, the opportunity to offend and the absence of a guardian [132]. Drawing on the crime prevention literature and theories, critically explain why situational crime prevention may not be able to fully address a community’s crime problems. the initiation of an action to remove or reduce it. “Crime prevention is the anticipation, recognition, and appraisal of a crime risk and, as a result of these evaluations. This spatial diffusion The advantages of situation crime prevention are well documented. This means that the benefits of crime prevention programs can reach beyond specific place, individuals or time frames that were originally targeted (Ratcliffe & Makkai 2004). Benefits of Crime Prevention 2 Diffusion of Benefits A major benefit of crime prevention strategies can be the Zdiffusion of benefits [. In such a case, allowing the present situation Policies that effectively target the incarceration of highly dangerous and frequent offenders can have large crime prevention benefits, whereas other policies will have a small prevention effect or, even worse, increase crime in the long run if they have the effect of increasing postrelease criminality. Crime forecasting is the latest technology that can be used to forecast future crimes, most vulnerable locations and decide prevention efforts. The analysis of the costs and benefits of crime prevention is nec-essary since, even though crime may be prevented (one of the 'giv-ens,' above), it is certainly plausible that the cost of prevention could outweigh the benefits.

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