Los Angeles is a fantastic place to be single, but finding the perfect place to settle down after divorce can be difficult. Did you know that more than 50% of the LA population is single? You can enjoy a sophisticated evening in one of its dining places, immerse yourself in art and music, or just go shopping. This small, yet so alive community is the first choice for many singles and young professionals relocating to LA. Moving to One of the Best Places to Live in Los Angeles for Singles and Young Professionals. No matter where you live in Los Angeles, housing costs are high. You can go to the Silver Lake Reservoir for a run in the morning or stroll around and enjoy the beautiful landscape. Why didn't Los Angeles make the U.S. News top 100 places to live list?, Los Angeles, 118 replies Top 10 Best Places to Live in LA, Los Angeles, 113 replies Best place to live for singles in their 40's?, Los Angeles, 5 replies Good places for singles to live in West Los Angeles?, Los Angeles, 7 replies You’re looking for a safe neighborhood in Los Angeles? You can also find many bars and coffee shops here. Such a vibrant community is not suitable for families, but it is just perfect for someone single, looking for an adventure and new experiences. These are some of the best neighborhoods for single expats: Make It Easy with Our Home-Finding, Moving, Settling-In, and Other Essential Services. Highland Park, Culver City, and Mar Vista: those are the best LA-area neighborhoods for your 20s, 30s, and 40s, respectively, according to Los Angeles magazine (article only in print magazine). When you narrow your choices down, if you can, it would be best to take a walk down your chosen neighborhoods and look for ads there. As traffic rises to insanity-inducing levels, you’ll want to be able to move about Los Angeles with some … Those looking to live a life like the rich and famous will do well here. Given that you have chosen a rather pricey city, you should be prepared for somewhat high prices of rent, too. These are some of the best Los Angeles neighborhoods that meet those requirements: Los Angeles is a great city for the solo expat. We list the most popular places to live in Los Angeles as well as a short description of what makes them so desirable. The district itself is quite popular among young professionals. There are also several recreational facilities, including the Silver Lake Recreation Center and the Silver Lake Meadow. The best places to live in Los Angeles for singles have vibrant communities, numerous amenities, and a young, outgoing population. The best restaurants in Los Angeles Restaurants After striking up a conversation at one of the many singles bars, you and your potential significant other are ready for your first date. Here you will find the cheapest rent in the county. Situated on L.A.’s west side a half mile north of the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), Playa Vista is a new … Whether you’d want to go to a karaoke night or you’d rather take a break and meditate, Koreatown has got you covered. There are differences depending on the part of LA you pick, so, naturally, you should stay away from the center and the most popular and luxurious neighborhoods if you want to save a few bucks. Venice is known as a buzzing area where you can enjoy everything a beach town has to offer and feel the calming vibe of a quiet residential district at the same time. Those looking for a combination of city life, but with a quieter feel should look in this region. This region encompasses the most expensive and glamorous neighborhoods in LA. But, it’s also packed with more culture, food, and entertainment than you can imagine. Some locals describe Koreatown as a city within a city, and not a small one. Where Single People Live in Los Angeles Updated February 9, 2018 I just read a great article on Trulia showing where single women and men live in major U.S. cities, including Los Angeles. If you enjoy shopping, get ready for a string of shops and stores. No matter your age or lifestyle, single foreigners moving to the California city are sure to find much to do and active, inviting social groups. Contact us Here we’re going to list a couple of the most popular places in LA for singles, their pros and cons, what they have to offer, what life is like there, and what things make them worth considering overall when moving to Los Angeles. With so many regions and neighborhoods to choose from, finding the right place in LA can feel impossible. Verdugos is a smaller region of Los Angeles, but by no means does that make it less significant. However, what The Valley lacks in style, it makes up for in ample parking, larger, more affordable accommodations, and a laidback vibe (especially when compared to the rest of LA). Suburban-like pockets of peace and calm can be found in various neighborhoods and LA is even home to California’s second largest city park. We understand that it’s no easy endeavor to find a good, let alone perfect home when relocating. The name is a dead give-away: Neighborhoods don’t get more central than Mid-City. You can taste all kinds of food here, much more than Korean. This beachfront district has much more to offer than the dreamy coastline (as if that wasn’t enough). You can try out all kinds of delicacies in any of the many world-class restaurants, including even Hawaiian cuisine. Luckily, just like with everything else in LA, the choice of where to live is as diverse as the city’s population. This region is cheaper than the ritzy Beverly Hills and Burbank neighborhoods. Because of this, many Angelenos prefer to live close to work rather spend hours every day stuck on the road. I lived in LA as a single guy for 4 years before meeting my wife there so I have a few suggestions. It, too, is more “city like” in that it has crowded streets, densely populated neighborhoods, and few tourist attractions. Bordered by the Verdugo mountains, this region is known for hip eateries, quaint streets, and as one of the most desirable places to live in LA. The best places to live in Los Angeles right now. A buzzing LA lifestyle is waiting for you, perfect for single people with all the time in the world on their hands to explore and enjoy new and exciting cities. You’ve come to the right place. To do that, you should learn at least something about how renting in LA works, where to look for the most affordable places to live in Los Angeles. Assessing neighborhoods in the area begins with looking at the number of affordable condos as well as determining how many singles there are in the area. What’s important is that you reach your future home safely and comfortably. And although LA does have an expansive public transportation system, locals do not find it as reliable as in other US cities such as New York or Chicago. Steven John. Whatever you feel like doing, you’ll be able to do it in Koreatown at any time of day or night. It ranks among LA’s most walkable neighborhoods, which means that anything you might need there will probably be within walking distance, including the breathtaking Santa Monica beach. You can also choose to move just your car(s). With 88 different regions and 472 neighborhoods, expats may feel overwhelmed with choice. Like Central LA, South Los Angeles is largely located within Los Angeles proper. Most landlords prefer to rent the place to the locals and don’t even post the ad online. As of May 2019, the average rent in Los Angeles was 2,371 USD. There are so many bars, dance clubs, as well as top-notch restaurants that you’ll never be short of interesting sites to go to have fun.

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