This work can either be done manually or through Chesil. Fitting of new framehead to swing axle chassis. Items such as the engine, fuel tank, steering column and wiper motor fall into this category. Engine cover - fitted using powder coated hinges and thumb latches, The Chesil Motor Company | All Rights Reserved |. For those building an authentic replica we have available our Speedster replica seats. BRAKE FLUID RESERVOIR AND HOLDER - New reservoir with dual chamber and low level warning light (IVA compliant) reservoir holder. Combined fuel level/oil temperature gauge. For the novice builder a Chesil self-build project can be a surprisingly straight forward task, with the added assurance of Chesil’s unrivalled level of advice and support. Option to fit wind-up windows or sides screens . Customers following this route nearly always finish their project with components that match the quality of the Full Rolling Chassis. The Chesil has full IVA compliance. For more sections of the build check out the following links. sub-chassis, complete with rubber seal. Magazine as ‘a proud standard-bearer for the British kit car industry as a whole’. Please have a look on the following forum: Building a 356 replica for IVA. Friday, September 9, 2016 #14 - Progress Update for September. We can supply all the additional parts required which are prepared to a factory-built standard. The Speedster is shorter than the Beetle and so the chassis must be shortened. MOTO-LITA WOOD RIM STEERING WHEEL with riveted rimMOTO-LITA WOOD RIM STEERING WHEEL with plain rimNARDI WOOD RIM STEERING WHEEL, Continental style bumper overriders - including four tall overriders and high level bar.Luggage Rack - replica type, chrome finish, including all fittingsBumper Overriders - polished cast aluminium, set of fourAero Mirror (door mounted) - chrome finished, to fit either side, TONNEAU COVERS Available in a range of colours to match your hood.FULL TONNEAU COVER (two types available, please ask)HOOD COVER (two types available, please ask). Build diary of Chesil Speedster kit car, a replica of the Porsche 356 Speedster. Building a Buick Speedster One man's process of turning a 1925 Buick Master Model 40 into a Speedster. This will be supplied in a gel coat finish as standard and features: From initial advice to after sales back up, you can be sure of the support required to become, and remain, a satisfied customer. The donor for the chassis is the VW Beetle. When your right click the ring, the suit shoots out in front of you. The Speedster is shorter than the Beetle and so the chassis must be shortened. Jig-mounted shortening, to ensure accurate alignment. Some enthusiasts like to build vehicles rather than drive them, while others prefer driving. Model T Speedster Build Here is my current Speedster a 1919 Model T Boattail. For your Chesil Upholstery Set you have a choice of colour, material and style from our wide range of options. Nigel is a person who thinks in pictures, a gift that allows him to see the finished article before work begins. Of Course Lamborghini Is Building a Roofless V12 Speedster By Máté Petrány, The Drive 10/5/2020. STEERING WHEELS We have got a wide range of steering wheels from Mountney, Moto-Lita and Nardi. The finishing sets are compiled to allow you to finish your project in convenient and logical stages. The Individual Parts page details additional items that you may require for your self-build project. The Carpet Set can be fitted at any stage before the Heater Set and Upholstery Set. The donor for the chassis is the VW Beetle. The car is being fit together in pieces from my dads garage, friends collection of junk and parts Ive bought. Prices for the following can be found in the Kits price list under Accessories.

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