A large portion of its population is near their southern border to the US and despite packages having to pass through customs and potentially being handed off to a different carrier, it is fairly quick, too. Duty free, switzerland, hong kong, none of these can outmatch canada for quality cuban cigars. Canada is an affordable international market to break into. Our cigars rival anything on the market(yes, including the Cuban's) and if you are not completely satisfied, return the remaining cigars and receive a refund for them. You bet we do! Cheapest Way to Ship to Canada. DrinkSmokeGolf 6,092 Posted September 21, 2012. We sell only genuine Cuban cigars. These are the most affordable ways to get your orders to your Canadian customers. We strive to supply detailed descriptions and plenty of photos so you can see exactly what you are ordering. From unique cigar humidors, hard to find cigar gifts, cigar clothing, a extensive range of cigar accessories, and of course over 100 brands of premium cigars. Things are not as easy for America’s neighbor to the north, Canada.A number of American stores won’t ship internationally. Generally, most customers choose to use USPS, but occasionally, customers will have their own accounts with a freight forwarding service or other carriers. International Shipping There are several options when it comes to overseas shipping with Boutique Cigar Brands. Cigars have a lot of history, a lot of trivia, and a lot of interesting facts. Any of you know some good websites I … Anyone successfully shipped cigars from U.S.A to Canada without getting hit with duty and extra taxes ? We ship your order the next day and your cigars should arrive in most areas of Ontario in just a few days. Absolute Cigars offers the most extensive range of cigar products on the web, all available for worldwide delivery. DrinkSmokeGolf. Cuban cigars shipped around the world. 11 votes, 16 comments. I'm just looking to buy smokes at a reasonable price without going through all those heave taxes that we get dinged here in Canada. However, it is often easy to become so consumed with actually smoking the cigar, the luxury of its aroma, its flavor, and its essence that its heritage is overlooked. They put in their address, and within the stipulated time frame, the package arrives. Cigar merchants since 1998. All of our international shipments are shipped with humidifiers in the package, at no additional charge, to ensure deliveries arrive fresh at your door. For years we have been helping clients from ALL over the world get the finest premium cigars delivered right to their doors. Link to post Share on other sites. I've seen some good sites on here (small batch etc.) but none of them ship to Canada. Tag: Get cigars international ship to Canada Select The Right Product Before You Buy Cigars Online In Canada. We insist on our supply coming from Havana House of Canada, who are the only legal importer for all of Canada for Habanos products. Overall, we try to be as accommodating as possible for our international customers. Americans who order packages from places like Cigars International have no worries. Does Cigar King ship to international destitanations?

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