Stop the song Point to the posters on the walls of the class. Run to the blackboard. Many of the methods proposed here are inappropriate for the very young. Then comes that golden focused period (which you aim to increase as the year goes on), then wind down at the end. You can follow the blog on Facebook and on Twitter. See more ideas about classroom, teaching classroom, classroom behavior. With older kids, you can divide them into teams and just call out the team name rather than individual names. Put the poster(s) on the walls of the class. Students match the vocabulary to the images. Place a table in front of the students and on the table place two reception bells. After just one or two classes young students will remember and hope to repeat the lesson structure (example: a range of opening songs 5 mins, “how are you/ my feelings” conversation 10 mins, 10 mins TPR exercises, 10 mins floor games, 5 mins DVD segment reinforcing today’s new vocabulary, 5 mins closing game-songs). (Note: This is an active answergarden. These are not in any particular order, but you will probably want to plan which you will use for minor or first misdemeanors, and which will be kept for making your displeasure very clear indeed. Even if the kids can’t understand much of what you are saying, bringing one person to the front of the class or taking them to one side and talking to them with the right expression (calm but disapproving and disappointed) and right tone of voice (ditto) usually has the desired effect. Then, you are missing out! As with songs, a good reason for having the kids running around having fun is that stopping the activity makes them realise that you are displeased and makes them keen not to miss out on so much fun next time. 11. Never assume your students “know” what appropriate behavior is. I disagree completely that disappointment or disappoval should EVER be used in such an exchange. Instead, just wait standing still and looking mixed annoyed/ bored. This is a well known method of discipline by parents, but is made more complicated in a kindergarten EFL lesson by the fact that their toys and lollipops aren’t there. 1. You can use my own template. As long as they don’t feel really picked on, you can even use this with random names as hearing someone’s name called will make anyone who is distracted instantly look their way. 4! Kids act up when they don’t completely grasp what’s going on; their focus increases 10fold when they understand every word. They will do it by tearing off the piece of paper containing the crime. If you have between 10 and 18 students you will need two copies of the poster. Making up a funny crime story. If they have learned “ to be sentenced to” for example, encourage them to write the whole expression and not just “sentenced “. I am particularly interested in your policy of never using disapproval as a way of teaching kids acceptable behaviour. "Discipline must be maintained," he says and, oh yes, I very much agree. Another important tip I forgot to mention is to keep the punishment as short as possible and then to accept the student or students back into the group and treat them exactly the same as the other students straightaway, with no lingering shred of disapproval and no special treatment that could make the whole experience seem like a reward (especially if they are an attention seeker). It is not an obvious ESL topic but there still are 92 FREE worksheets available that you might consider using in class.This activity is for upper intermediate students who need to practice modal verbs. 15 punishments for pre-school English classes. If they don’t know that counting down is a warning of trouble, make each number louder, slower and angrier than the last.

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