Dahlia Mosaic Virus: A Pictorial Guide to Symptoms and Diagnosis Prepared by Dr. Hanu R. Pappu*, Department of Plant Pathology, Washington State University, Pullman, WA 99164. This year they have contracted a mosaic virus which causes the leaves and flowers to distort and stunt the plants growth. E-mail: [email protected] Over a dozen viruses are known to infect dahlia. Washington State University has been studying dahlia viruses, and in particular dahlia mosaic virus, for more than 20 years. Yellow can follow the veining of the plant leaves. This website includes lots of relevant information: Virus Diseases of Dahlia. This virus could travel to the tubers and soil making the border unsuitable for future dahlia planting. Flowers & / or buds shrivelled and with fluffy white mould = Botrytis. I did remove the dahlia, roots and all. The dahlia and fig tree were very close to each other. Due to this the team have made the difficult decision that this year will be the last year we have a dahlia border. Druffel Department of Plant Pathology, P.O. polymerase chain reaction, virus-free material Abstract. Pappu,1 S.D. See photos here. Dahlia mosaic virus (DMV) appears to be highly prevalent in dahlias grown in the US. Dahlia Mosaic Virus - Dahlia mosaic virus is identified by a mosaic-like pattern on the leaves of the plant that can range in color from the usual healthy greens of the plant to lighter yellow-greens. And based on the symptoms, it looks like it was the dahlia mosaic virus (DMV). Wyatt,2 and K.L. As with other plant diseases, some dahlia varieties seem to be naturally stronger and better able to resist these viruses. I'm worried the virus will transfer to … Dahlia Mosaic Virus: Molecular Detection and Distribution in Dahlia in the United States H.R. Some of the symptoms include yellow or green spots on leaves, wrinkling/curling of new leaf growth, and in many cases the plant is stunted or produces deformed or very few flowers. Dahlia mosaic virus (DMV) is the causal agent of one of the most important diseases of Dahlia pinnata. Box 646430, Washington State University, Pullman, WA 99164-6430 Additional index words. I've gathered that there's no cure for mosaic, that there are many many different kinds, and that I should remove all infected plants. Cucumber Mosaic Virus (CMV) is one of the most common types of mosaic viruses and tends to be spread by aphids.

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