Good luck! Be the first to know the recent IELTS Speaking TOPIC Sample Answers with Tips, Topic Vocabulary Words, & Collocations. Then later,…, The wedding season is back, yet again! Last year she got an iPad and the year before that, it was some other expensive jewellery. A couple of years back, a group of psychologists organized a study to find out the trends and results of gift giving. They start to think that they did something wrong and they let you down in somewhere. The speaker gave a direct positive answer to the question and expressed his main reason. Or maybe it is because you think expensive gifts make memorable gifts. I usually give some presents that are of reasonable price and decent. – something that can be touched  Is it because you think expensive gifts are thoughtful? Wow, that’s interesting! The study was conducted on 237 participants who were randomly divided into two groups, gift givers and gift recipients. According to the same study we talked above, gift givers think that they are being more thoughtful by picking up more expensive gifts. Which one is best suited for…, What is your normal routine before buying gifts? Yes I do because I feel like giving expensive gifts means giving importance to the person who receives the gift. The speaker expressed his answer by stating that it’s difficult for him to choose one since he got plenty of wonderful gifts. All they do is add more pressure on your monthly expense and build-up the pressure of expectation on you. It all sounds too easy. Why do you want to buy expensive gifts? Good luck! At first, I thought, she was confused about what to buy for her friends. She got a list of quite expensive gifts for her last couple of birthdays. “But, I think there is an innate desire to receive when we give. Her mom and dad might feel inferior in front of those expensive gifts. – worth the money, neither expensive nor cheap, Decent [adj.] Personally I’m with Vanguardfan, something meaningful rather than expensive is appreciated much more. I never thought that they would give me such a luxurious watch after completing my master’s. The expensive gifts are neither a thoughtful gift nor they have the makings of a memorable gift. But we have to remember that narcissists don’t really know you. And that’s IELTS Speaking Part 1 GIFT! You bet I do like expensive stuff. From there you can find a truly memorable gift. Guilt? “I imagine that there is a small subset of us who do give and expect nothing in return. Share your experience with us in comments. La Mer is an expensive moisturizer with a cult following—and also a perfect gift if you want to ball out on someone. Study how the sample answers are developed and learn topic vocabulary words and collocations for you to get a higher band. What should I choose — Original or Prints? No matter the gift, people want to receive.” Psychologists aren’t the only ones who understand the mental and emotional benefits of gift-giving. Another reason is that people just want to reward their family members or closest friends who have achieved something remarkable in their life. Having good knowledge about topic vocabulary words and collocations can surely help you express your answers clearly. Might be differently worded. And this might prove to be a recipe for a rift in relationships. The psychologists asked the first group to recollect a birthday gift that they recently gave to someone and the second group to recall a birthday gift that they received recently. Having good knowledge about topic vocabulary words and collocations can surely help you express your answers clearly. How to Wish a Keralite on the Eve of Onam, 10 Types of Friends and the Types of Gifts for Them, How to Expertly Hang Art Paintings on Your Staircase Wall, How to Find Correct Types of Ganesh Idols for…, 10 Timeless Gifts to Win Over Your Recipient. When that happens, your financial situation might start to strangle you. Good luck! Read this…, on 10 Types of Friends and the Types of Gifts for Them, 10 Ways You Can Give Personalized Gifts with Photos, Friendship Day: The Types of Coworkers and the Types…, How to Properly Choose Frames for Your Art Paintings, 15 Widely Accepted Indian Housewarming Gifts, on What You can Learn about Friendship from Bollywood Movies, How to Write Friendship Day Greeting Card for a…, Marriage Greetings: How to Congratulate Newlyweds…, The Ultimate Guide to Hanging Framed Art for a…, 6 Ways You can Improve Your Home with Art Prints, Framed Fine Art or Stretched Canvas Prints: Which…, on 6 Ways You can Improve Your Home with Art Prints, How Understanding Color Psychology Helps You Build a…, on 10 Practical Gifts for Indian Newlyweds Moving to a New Home, 10 of the Most Amazing Women Painters the World Has….

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