What does this mean? This teacher restores lightness to our spiritual wings and mental processes. I got in the elevator and it flew in the elevator with me and it flew out again when I got out. In my experience YES it’s an ill omen. I never had this happen before… and it really made my morning. I also do not think the dragonfly was killed by somebody. I am going through a HUUUUGE transition right now, about to move to a different state, my husband and I are just coming out of a lonnnnng spell of distrust and dis-harmony, and are falling in love more deeply everyday!! I’m SO grateful for this website! Nice to get a visit form a loved one ,, there was no danger with dragon flies they are a symbol of regeneration, your allowing yourself to slowly move on and that good , your x was showing you he will always be there watching over you .. It is absolutely amazing and wild! Animal Totems | Insect Arachnid | Dragonfly. As I was simply enjoying the coolness of the water, the sound of the wind, and the contrasting heat of the sun, a pair of coupling dragonflies appeared and landed on my exposed thigh. Maybe God and the Angels felt your pain as you were thinking. Not only should you work hard at trying to achieve it in the first place, but when you do, then you need to continue to work hard so that it remains in your life. there were even a good number of people who believed that they were jewelry. Interesting, I too saw two large Golden dragonflies today. So, I tried to search what does it mean and then I found your site. Now he uses them to follow me to hinder me and block my progress in life. Break the illusions that prevent you from growing or changing for the better. Study this animal more. It feels to me like a message for her, from someone who is living in the spirit world. However for most of my life I have had dreams of flying with dragonfly wings. sat on my knee. When I went to the kitchen where our main door is he just let himself out. Ducks deal with the emotional realm (water). It was golden colored. I got back to work around 7 and before i could cut the truck off, there was the dragonfly just hovering around the windshield. Required fields are marked *. Wow, how awesome to read of all the beautiful and magical experiences each of you have had and are having…. beautiful. The dragonfly spirit animal is a totem that’s full of wisdom. You’ve had a very good day! So you can hold the energy of that good sign in your heart! There was a yellow dragonfly in my room and it stayed in there flying here and there for two days and died in my room.The next day there was another same sized dragonfly and it also died in the room.Now.. after few days of the death of the second dragonfly there’s another comparatively small dragon fly here..it’s been two days and he’s still alive and never goes out.What does this mean? The dragonfly totem is linked very closely with your emotional state. Only then can you manifest an abundant life. After about 10 mins, it flew off. not sure if this has any meaning at all. I found your article very interesting. I know, deep in my heart that things will work out and things will be handled appropriately. I can say that things have turned for the better . Perhaps say a prayer thanking the spirit of the dragonfly and ask for guidance in what course of action is best for you now? That is just the beginning. ^_^, Dragon fly has been around me yrs and ago i didnt understand at the time.i went to pow wows that taught me some i start going to other gatherings to know more and more.when the dragon flies would fly above the dancers at pow wows that amazed me it was so many of them.this is a powerful Meaning u need to To find out.i stood and watched them around my Car they would scan it on the sides top head lights that was amazing.so when they come to me its More than special.the same with.butter fly the other day landed on car window it allowed me to take it in.the palm of my hands and talk to it a personal message Few days ago same on my front porch it allowed.me to.hold.it both times i.let my aunt talk to the butter fly it means healing she had been in hosp two times this yr.during good But to.know now for.healing.thanks.sunwater ww .

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