Aug 16, 2019 - Franco Pepe shares his world-class pizza dough recipe, claimed by many to be the best in the world. Now taking up the torch—or rolling pin—for his family, he adds an experimental spirit to his undertakings. I think the greatest lesson I have taken from Franco Pepe is to learn to "feel" the dough and understand its evolution from the mixing bowl to the finished pizza. Franco mixes every batch of dough by hand in a wooden box, kneading until the dough is the perfect consistency. There are 34 people working at Pepe in Grani, in Caiazzo, Campania region.“We have to know English to get hired,” the waiter says. Credit: The Taste SF. Franco Pepe’s Pizza Dough (makes 6-to-7 dough balls for 6-to-7 pizzas 30-cm/12-in pizzas) 800 grams (6-2/3 cups) “00” flour 500 ml (2 cups) water 22 grams (4 teaspoons) salt 5g (1-1/2 teapoons) fresh yeast (substitute 2.5 grams active dry yeast dissolved in warm water) 15 grams (1 tablespoon) sourdough starter . For someone who won the actual Best Pizza in the World competition, Franco Pepe is more than happy to talk to customers, of course, if he has the time. Franco Pepe is perhaps the biggest name in pizza. 1. Franco Pepe is a living patron saint of pizza-making. This is a man who knows his dough. His technique is largely responsible for these qualities, but he has also developed a special blend of flour made with a revived ancient grain regional to the area called Autonomy. Born in the city of Caiazzo in western Italy to a family of bakers, he grew up watching his father work the dough and spent his time out in search for fresh ingredients. For Pepe, there are several key things that separate good pizza from great. I subscribe to the idea that there is much to be learned from hand mixing versus using an electric mixer. His family have been making pies in his native Campania for three generations and his restaurant, Pepe in Grani, is now internationally lauded for making the best pizza in the world. It’s important to Franco that pizza be nutritious, easily digestible, and flavorful. He’s happy to be working here and it shows. Now this town with 5,000 inhabitants a few minutes away from Caserta has become the worldwide temple of pizza.That’s because Franco Pepe is the king.

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