How to Harvest Beets. Scroll Down To See How The Magic Happens! Why are sugar beets harvested and stockpiled in September? As they grow, they must be protected from weeds and diseases. These simple steps to harvest beets are all that is required to take this … Sugar beet, (Beta vulgaris), form of beet of the amaranth family (Amaranthaceae), cultivated as a source of sugar. The root: stores the nutrients. Sugar beets take ~7 months to grow and provide ~32% of the world’s table sugar production. Sugar Beet Harvest in the Panhandle 2015 . So, add a tablespoon of sugar to your tea and pull up a chair as we find out just where sugar … It’s best to pull beets when the soil is dry. Planting the Beets. Beets are planted from a small seed; 1lb of beet seed will plant about an acre. Once they have grown sufficiently, the sugar beets can be harvested and processed in a sugar factory to obtain table sugar. Modern self-propelled sugarbeet harvesters have predominantly 6-row harvesting units. Sugar beet juice contains high levels of sucrose and is second only to sugarcane as the major source of the world’s sugar. . Beets stored in the garden must be harvested before new top growth begins in spring. . That sugar is generally going to come from either sugar cane, which is grown in tropical environments, or sugar beets grown in Canada. So far this has been a good year for growing and harvesting sugar beets. Sugar beet harvest is underway in the Panhandle of western Nebraska, eastern and northcentral Wyoming, southern Montana and northern Colorado. Beet greens can be sparingly and individually trimmed from the root while the roots are still in the ground, or can be cut off the beet root in a bunch after the beet has been harvested. Pull or lift roots carefully from the garden so as not to break or injure them. They have to get the root out of the ground before the ground freezes. Roots stored in the ground should be used within a day or two of harvest. Defoliating the Beets. A Sugarbeet harvester is an agricultural machine for harvesting sugar beet.The first machines were pulled by a tractor and only one row could be lifted. Beet seed are planted in the Spring and harvested in the Autumn. The leaves: take in nutrients through tiny … Growing the Beets. The beets are lifted from the ground by lifting shares. Sugar Beet Process ⇧ Back To Top. For information on the processing of beet sugar and the Today we are going to find out more about sugar beet farming from Leon! What functions does the taproot and leaves serve in a sugarbeet?

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