I want to know how much topsoil I will need, the weight of the aggregate and the total cost of the project. 830 ft2 X 1 foot deep = 830 ft3 . I purchased a 40 pound bag of FF Ocean Forest and I was able to fill two 5 gallon pots with maybe two to three gallons worth of soil left over. You can sketch out a diagram to estimate how many bags it will take. The cost of the topsoil is $30 per US short ton. a. I found that one 40-pound bag will cover about 18 inches by 12 inches, 4 inches deep. Topsoil A 40-pound bag of topsoil will cover a surface area of 12 ft2. When you acquire topsoil/compost, you might wish to ask for references, just like you do for any other professional service. CORRECTION!! b) How many bag of topsoil must be purchased to cover a surface area of 480 ft2 ? 40 pounds of topsoil is about 2 cubic feet, which will cover an area of 3 by 4 feet, with 2 inches deep. How many pounds of topsoil are neede… Get the answers you need, now! It only takes about 1 foot of soil to satisfy most plants. To determine the number of bags you need, you must know how much soil a bag will yield. A cubic yard, by the way, is 3 feet wide by 3 feet deep by 3 feet high. While searching for the lowest price last month I came across a website that sells in bulk.. but only by the pallet. 1 cu ft, or 1 cu yd, or you may know it's weight, say, 40 lbs (or 20 liters and 25 kg for the metric system). The 40 pound bags of topsoil you buy at stores such as Home Depot, Lowes, etc are about 1 cubic foot each. a) How many pounds of topsoil are needed to cover a surface area of 480 ft2 ? 1 See answer chumminnerianj is … We supply Topsoil in Bulk Bags and 25 Litre Bags online, click the quote button below to browse our range of topsoils, if you need 15 tonnes or more then get in touch and we'll calculate the best options for your order.. Get a Quote Now You may wish to purchase topsoil/compost in bulk from a landscaping company, rather than in bags. I want to ensure equal topsoil coverage to a depth of 3 inches with standard topsoil (110 lb/ft³). A 40-lb bag of topsoil is about .75 cubic feet (or ft3). Topsoil producers don't have a convention on how to mark their product, so you may know the bag's volume, e.g. A 40 pound bag of topsoil will cover a surface area of 12 square feet. I believe they are all sold by volume as well, since many are heavy and many are light yet they all are using the same size bag. 20 bags = 20 cubic feet / 27 = 0.74 cubic yards About 3/4th of a cubic yard. I would suspect that you don't need a garden bed 3 feet high.

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