Backed by our Associations with reliable Vendors, We are quality Certified Suppliers of Cylinder and gases, Cylinder trolleys, Mixture Gases, Calibration Gases, Gas Regulators, Cryocans, Portable Gas Canisters, Gas Handling Equipment, UHP Grade Specialty Gases and Gas Monitoring Systems. Servicing the North East, Cumbria and Borders with gas since 1978. Siddivinayaka Industrial Gases Pvt. AXCEL GASES - Leading industrial gases suppliers, cylinders manufacturers & exporters in India, To cater the demand of various industries with customer satisfaction . PUREGAS is a supplier of industrial gases and cylinders to those who demand quality. After one year of successful running of the filling station the management decided to install own manufacturing unit for all industrial gases. industrial services Procured from eminent manufacturers and retailers, our premium quality products comprise of Cylinders and Gases, Cryocans, Cylinder trolleys, Gas regulators, Portable gas canisters, Gas handling equipment, Gas monitoring systems and UHP grade specialty gases. In this regard land was acquired at Al-Kharj Industrial City during 2012. We offer thousands of products and services to a variety of different industries. Enquire Now. Our gas cylinders comply with Australian standards and we supply Argon, Argoweld and Oxygen gas. In the interest of business Oxygen filling station was installed at Riyadh during 2010. Liquid CO2 dissolves in water to form mild carbonic acid, safer and easier to store and use than strong mineral acids for pH control, increasing hardness, reducing metals in … Supplier of industrial gases with applications in potable, process and waste water treatment. Industrial Gases. The company was started for trading business of industrial gases during the year 2009. Our gas cylinder swap system allows you to own your gas cylinder without being charged an ongoing rental fee. Welding Gases. These gases are used for various industrial applications in chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries. From industrial and energy to technology and medical. Request a quote today! Asia Industrial Gases Pte Ltd [AsiaGas] has been manufacturing and supplying industrial and specialty gas since 1972. Explore More. Dixons Gas is a well established supplier of Industrial, Calor and Cellar gases in the United Kingdom. Ltd was established in the year 2004 and offer an array of industrial gas cylinders with fully filled gases such as, nitrogen cylinders, industrial air cylinders, carbon dioxide gas cylinders, acetylene gas cylinders, oxygen gas cylinders etc.

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