Why? This name belongs to a courtesan in the play 'The Jew of Malta' (written c. 1589 or 1590) by English dramatist Christopher Marlowe. Female: Adrian: Dark AGDA, AGATA, AGATON, AGNETA: Female: Adriana: Dark; From Adria: Female: Adriane: From Adria The Adriatic Sea Region. A unique and rare collection of boy names that mean shadow with meanings is here for you. 32. Also Means Dark. looking for names that mean shadow - abbasdaughter Jul 22 2011, 1:50 AM; Re: looking for names that mean shadow - Ajay R Aug 7 2011, 10:28 PM; Re: looking for names that mean shadow - Mercy Joy Jul 25 2011, 4:53 PM It comes from an Old English origin and has the … The name ‘Araysh’ originated from the Urdu language, and it means ‘overshadower’ or … Risna. NAMES MEANING GENDER; Abnus: A dark colored wood that do not sink, ebony: Unisex: Persian: Islam: Adaj: A dark colored person with large black eyes: Girl: Arabic: Adreana: Latin - Women from Hadria, the Adriatic sea region. This name has Latin origin and means dark or gloomy night or dusk. FIRESIDE! Hestia. Blackburn. This English originated name, has a straightforward meaning being a blackbird or dark. Because the meaning is ‘spirit of the night’ and this dark and scary baby girl name just so happens to be the name of a female demon in Jewish mythology. If ‘The Ring’ scared you as much as it scared me, this name sends shivers down your spine in an instant. The name Blackburn is unique and rare. 1. Also Means Dark. Bellicent . Female: Adrianne Baby Name Meaning Gender; Achilles: Lipless: Male: Adreanna: From Adria The Adriatic Sea Region. Also Means Dark. Shadow example: "lord of the rings" will match names from the novel 'The Lord of the Rings' this field understands simple boolean logic Araysh. angel in armour. Probably derived from the Latin elements bella "beautiful" and mira "wondrous". Nox. the description is the meaning and history write-up for the name; separate search terms with spaces; search for an exact phrase by surrounding it with double quotes. 33. a dark corner, den.” Brienne 19 Absorbing Boy Names That Mean Shadow Samara. 34. The following beautiful baby names don't all have silly and/or ominous meanings like the above, of course, but their origins and implications are different than you'd imagine from the sound of the name alone. Shadow baby names for boys or girls, baby names that mean shadow, darkness, and black, shadow boy names and shadow girl names for your new babies, Page 5 The shadow of his heat; Hebrew name possibly meaning "of the morning dew' Girl: Hebrew: … Morticia. Also means dark one; A variant of Adriana: Girl: Latin: Adreen: A dark person, dark-colored person: Another popular method for finding an appropriate name for your dog is to choose a name with a specific meaning. Tenebrous means “shut off from the light,” a synonym of dark or murky.It came to English through French from the Latin word tenebrosus, itself derived from tenebrae, meaning, according to the Oxford Latin Dictionary, “the more or less complete absence of light, darkness,” “the darkness of night,” and “(as of squalid or disreputable buildings, etc.) Devany: Meaning “dark-haired,” this name has Irish roots as well Duana : An Irish name, this means “dark” Ebony : This is the name of a gorgeous black wood Bernia . Possible kanjis for dark are 闇, 暗, or 黒. It is one of the unique names that mean darkness. Form the Addams Family, of course! Old French form of the Germanic name Belissendis, which is of uncertain meaning. Some of these names are odd, some are interesting, and some are dark, but all are worth taking the time to ponder. Check out the list and choose a name for your tiny tot. This name comes from the Indian origin and means dark or night. This case, we have to make new names, because darkness is, generally speaking, not suitable for names you'll give to your children and most people have avoided. Ravyn. Female: Adrianna: From Adria The Adriatic Sea Region.

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