This is the new blue/gold dress haha." She told Metro UK they are her friend's shoes, and the whole thing started when her friend's mom saw a photo of the shoes and complimented the "blue" hue. They were apparently her friend's shoes and the whole discussion stirred up when her mother thought that the shoes were grey and blue. It is a terrible photo, with badly distorted colour, possibly due to the illumination. Popstar, Lizzo, also posted about the shoe debate saying, "I see grey and teal, but my whole team sees pink and white … Here's why some people see this shoe as pink and white, not grey and teal It's The Dress all over again, except now we know why it's happening. Hence, the shoes could only be pink and white. Hattie Gladwell Tuesday 4 Jul 2017 2:20 pm. So yes, they are actually pink and white. Perhaps, it all boils down to lighting. Users on social media are trying to determine whether a shoe is pink and white or blue and grey. People can’t decide whether this Nike sportswear is grey and blue or pink and white. Harking back to a viral post from several years ago when people questioned the color of a dress. Your visual system may recognize that, and figure out what the original colours should be. Jay Shetty gave his take as well: "Pink and white. Others have turned to Photoshop, again, to prove that blue and gray hues are nonexistent in the photo.

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