Then the sector of the house where a timely mountain star resides, and the Yen Nian location according to 8 mansions feng shui are also good places to place plum blossoms. It is no wonder they are highly revered in feng shui and in Chinese culture. Typically appearing in February, plum blossoms come to life even while covered in frost. The name given for this arrangement is mei kai wu fu (梅开五福) which is translated as plum blossoms with 5 blessings. The north is an alternative as it is an area of water energy. This is also an important time, because this is where Chinese culture became ingrained in Japan. He cared for them so much that the neighbors started to label them as his wife and sons. Let me know! This should not be confused with another particular depiction of the magpie and plum with the former chirping happily on the latter’s branch. As such, they’ve come to be known as the heralds of spring. As a “friend of winter,” the plum blossom most vividly represents the value of endurance, as life ultimately overcomes … Most popular feng shui items on Amazon They have an ability to hold against the harsh cold of winter. The 5 petal of it’s flowers is also believed to carry 5 different blessings (五福). When pickled, however, the fruit transforms into umeboshi, a classic ingredient in traditional Japanese cuisine. And that’s fair. And guest who arrive for visiting will be able to benefit from these blessings as well. This is a word play of the word 梅 from Mandarin name of the plum and 眉 which means eyebrow. As feng shui maintains that evil and misfortune blow in from the northeast winds, plum trees are a popular garden tree. As Chinese New Year (CNY) also marks the beginning of spring, this plant holds particular significance in culture. Plum blossoms — or méihuā, in Mandarin — have been cultivated for over 1,500 years! As they bloom earlier than other plants, plum blossoms represent the thawing of winter, and the changing of seasons. Unfazed by cold, they are associated with good health, strong endurance, and overcoming the adversity of winter. This is because it only makes up a small segment of the I-Ching. Now, the Tang dynasty is pretty important. Finally, if you are buying plum blossoms just for the CNY festivities, remember to discard them in a respectful and proper manner. While flower-viewing festivals — or hanami — are typically associated with cherry blossoms, it was plum blossoms that started this Japanese tradition. By contrast, sakura trees are almost totally ornamental, and their fruit is not suitable for cooking. A big reason why this is so is that during Chinese New Year, which is the most celebrated festival of Chinese, plum blossoms are pretty much the only plants you can see all over the place. The contrast of dark brown wood, deep pink flower buds, and white snow makes for a truly breathtaking portrait of nature. And don’t forget to subscribe for more cool Sushi Chef Stories! The vibrant, pink flowers do share quite a family resemblance (the trees are from the same genus, after all). The upper class would plan parties and events to behold the awakening trees, and it’s hard to blame them. As such, they’ve come to be known as the heralds of spring. It was this period where China became, as Hardcore History’s Dan Carlin says, “the Jupiter of east Asia,” for how greatly its culture would influence the region. As February thaws into spring, let’s take a look at the symbolism behind this unique flower! Plum trees have stiff, knobbly branches with dark wood; unlike slender and willowy cherry blossom trees. The most famous Japanese flower may be the cherry blossom, but the plum blossom is just as special. During ancient times, the plant gained a reputation as the “flower that welcomes spring” as it flowers magnificently during the transition period from winter to spring. Get exclusive feng shui insights that you would not find anywhere else. You can find me on Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. They have an ability to hold against the harsh cold of winter. While they are often put with chrysanthemums in a tall vase for display, chrysanthemums lack the dominating presence of plum blossoms by design. Chinese fashion, inventions, and arts were all the rage in the Nara period. The directional sector of east is also especially ideal for them as this is an area of wood and also representative of spring. This association of the flowering plant and the 5 blessings is so deeply embedded in Chinese culture that it often takes the form of paintings which are arguably as infamous as the paintings of 8 horses and the 100 birds. The really good stuff is in our newsletters. Thus is a also a strong symbol of success through adversity, nobility and longevity. Ume, like many things in Japan, were actually introduced from China. They signify virtue, harmony, wisdom and determination, among various positive connotations. In the I-Ching book of changes, there is also a divination method called the Mei Hua Yi Shu (梅花易數). To the untrained eye, sakura and baika are often mistaken for the other. If there is a flowering plant that instantly triggers an association with oriental culture, it is the plum blossom (梅花). Unfazed by cold, they are associated with good health, strong endurance, and overcoming the adversity of winter. Plum blossom season became an event. And there is also a lovely contrast, with the gentleness of the bird amid the majesty of the old tree. And are even known to have their flowers bloom when the plant and it’s branches are seemingly dying. The plum blossom has graced many a samurai’s family crest, and it’s also the national flower of China. And are even known to have their flowers bloom when the plant and it’s branches are seemingly dying. Bountiful crop harvests and good fortune are likewise associated. 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