Placing the microphone flush with the reflective boundary ensures that those reflections can no longer interfere with the direct sound, and the sound quality improves as a result. For the kick-drum application, the easiest and most practical solution is to place the PZM or boundary layer mic on the floor just in front of the kick drum, to maximise the mic's bass extension. The standard kick drum PZM mic (you see these at a lot of live shows, and also in the studio) is the Shure Beta 91. So, you could put the mic on a board in front of the kick drum, but then it’s a room mic, and that HF boost is going to capture a lot of cymbal sound, especially considering that most boundary mics have a rising/bright HF response. Other boundary layer mic designs simply mount the mic capsule flush with the boundary surface. A Shure SM7b (inside the kick aimed at the beater) and AKG D112 (in front of the kick) serve as Jae’s kick drum mics. They have a lot of boost in the higher range. Re: The All-New Behringer Keyboards 'n' Stuff Thread. Set Descending ... Shure BETA 91A Boundary Kick Drum Microphone $ 239.00. All contents copyright © SOS Publications Group and/or its licensors, 1985-2020. Crown PZM 6RB pressure zone microphone for kick drum works great One Crown PZM6RB pressure zone microphone in great working condition. Today, you'll learn how you can get a great sound from a kick drum. The capsule of Crown's PZM 30D points downwards towards the mic's metal plate. Add to List Compare. Famous for capturing smooth low end, the wide-range frequency response of the large diaphragm cardioid dynamic Shure SM7B make it Jae’s choice for an inside the kick mic. The latter is a Sennheiser PZM microphone positioned inside the drum, by the beater. EDIT: oh, and you basically just place it at the bottom of the drum shell, and you're good to go. I have used them as overheads for drums with great results, especially on cymbals, but I can't see good results coming from a kick drum, but I could be wrong. Web site designed & maintained by PB Associates & SOS. Please, No interest if paid in full within 12 months. In the example below we have a kick drum that was recorded with two different microphones. You may login with either your assigned username or your e-mail address. I'm wondering what the difference is between PZM and boundary microphones. I like Shure SM 81's and Neumann KM 84/86, AKG C451 for my small diaphragm condenser microphones. I have also found that for bass drum use, the Shure boundary microphones or the Crown PZM's also make for good bass drum microphones and are not anywhere near as expensive as say a Neumann U47 FET! So an alternative approach often used is to mount the boundary layer mic on a stiff wooden or perspex panel with the largest practical dimensions, in order to produce an area of maximum pressure near the mic. View as Grid List. All rights reserved. Mastering Essentials Part 4 - Mastering EQ: Balance, Don’t Match. This condenser microphone, with an integrated preamp in the housing, changes the way we look at kick drum microphones. If you consider a mic placed above a reflective surface like a wooden floor, the mic will 'hear' both the direct sound from the source and a reflected version of it, as it bounces off the floor and back into the mic. No interest if paid in full within 12 months . Bringing out the Beater. So the mic will typically tend to sound a little bass light if used without a large boundary surface. I've heard a lot of people say you should place boundary mics on a hard surface, so do you need to do this with a PZM as well, or is the plate normally sufficient? I have one boundary mic, a Crown PZM-30GP (aka PZM-30D). Why does Liam Gallagher's vocals sound shit? So the mic will typically tend to sound a little bass light if used without a large boundary surface. Why Are Some A-B Stereo Arrays Angled Outwards? Skip to primary navigation; ... for use with a microphone stand or perhaps at the bottom of the head in the center for use with a PZM boundary microphone with the cord running out the hole you just cut. It will rightfully earn its place as a dynamic microphone, even in professional toolboxes. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. I've tried them in a kick drum and it didn't excel at that particular time. Q. For the kick-drum application, the easiest and most practical solution is to place the PZM or boundary layer mic on the floor just in front of the kick drum, to maximise the mic's bass extension. This unique, well-crafted kick drum mic is durable, dynamic, and heavy-duty. This kick drum mic is able to keep up with other upper echelon mics. Frequency Response 30 - 15000 Hz. I often whack a Crown PZM in my kick drum to get the 'click' sound, but will I get an even more defined sound if I mount the Crown on a slab of, say, perspex inside the drum? PZM practices that DID become habitual include: Stuck on small boards as drum overheads. What is a "hybrid" audio interface anyway? This flat plate mic has a 20- 20.000 kHz response, 240 ohms output impedance, 150 dB SPL for VERY loud sound sources like inside a kick drum, but it is also fairly sensitive when places on the floor in front of a seated musician. How can you mix together two kick drum microphones in order to bring out the character of each one. Since we don't have any beater present on the other microphone, it's time to … In this case, the drummer can either choose to have a mic permanently installed inside the bass drum or live with the reduced attack by miking the bass drum from the outside. 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