There’s a lot to consider when looking for a brokerage from commission splits to new agent training. We recommend checking out these questions that will help you find the brokerage that best fits your needs. Read the minds of our team of HR writers. What to look for in an answer: "I enjoy taking initiative and working on my own. Insurance plans can be technical and confusing. Tell me about a time you had to close deals to meet quota in a short period of time. Please note that we are not your career or legal advisor, and none of the information provided herein guarantees a job offer. Ready-to-go resources to support you through every stage of the HR lifecycle, from recruiting to retention. I highlight the importance and value of specific plans we offer.". Remote work, technology, and engagement are hot topics in the New World of Work. Six Magical Questions Every Insurance Agent Must Ask Their Clients April 3, 2012 By jwhitaker Leave a Comment What if insurance agents had a sort of magic lamp they could use to identify their business strengths and weaknesses — or their insurance agency’s strengths and weaknesses? There are specific counters to use here, and studying company policy means that I can change terms while staying within appropriate guidelines.". 5 Insurance Agent Interview Questions & Answers. This is a great list of questions to get started, thanks! Insurance agents identify sales opportunities of insurance plans and manage a portfolio of clients. Ask also about their familiarity with social media marketing. Additionally, because not every customer will be ready to purchase, being able to build a database of prospects and current/former clients will be an important tool for agents. Insurance agents are salespeople at their cores. What are people’s criteria in choosing an insurance policy? You can use this question to gauge the agent's thought process as well. A few of your customers may try to get deals on the insurance plans that you offer. For every hiring challenge, Workable has a solution. Don’t let jargon stand between you and your to-do list. Some of the most important questions to ask an auto insurance agent include the following: 1. The candidate you’ll end up hiring should be well-organized, an excellent communicator and brimming with confidence. You want an agent who is able to explain concepts in plain language so that clients feel comfortable staying with your company. Source and recruit skilled insurance agents with Workable’s Boolean search cheat sheets. This question helps you see how the new agent will promote themselves and if their personality is a good fit. Describe a time you helped a client with a problem regarding their policy. What forms of advertising do you employ as an insurance agent? How do you keep track of policy plans you’ve sold? Your employer will want to ensure you have the sales and customer services skills to sell the right insurance … How did you manage? Insurance agents identify sales opportunities of insurance plans and manage a portfolio of clients. Based on their answers, I can formulate questions that will expose the shortfalls of those plans compared to ours, and then highlight the key benefits of switching all of their insurance to us.". Will my job affect my coverage? Three Questions to Ask Before Starting an Independent Agency. The insurance agent I went to said something about needing earthquake coverage – I had no clue there was a possibility of earthquakes in that area. This question tests the potential hire's specific knowledge of your policies. Below you’ll find a growing list of insurance interview questions, but feel free to also check out this list of interview questions for insurance underwriters , which you might find helpful. Secondly, you may like to do a self evaluation to know if you have what it takes to become successful in sales businees. I take a strategic approach and highlight the most positive aspects when promoting a company.". When someone says no, I gently remind them that we are here to help and take stress away. Add a few personal touches and you’re good to go. Insurance is essentially people business. How did you handle it? TIP #1 – Being able to follow strict rules and procedures, and also maintain accurate records are both vital aspects of working within the insurance industry.Prior to attending your insurance interview, we recommend you think carefully about how you would answer the interview questions detailed on this page, as they are likely to be asked during your insurance job interview. Knowledge of any potentially confusing aspects of policies offered. It also shows you their powers of reasoning and the communication skills that they have. Today, we’re covering my top 21 favorite life insurance questions to ask clients to close more policies. "When interviewing for a position as an insurance agent, you can expect to be asked about your general knowledge of insurance policies and sales experience, and you may be asked to role-play a few scenarios where you have to sell insurance to various customers. Think also whether a degree in finance or business is an important factor for your company. Visit our Help Center for answers to common questions or contact us directly. Your company may deal with some reluctant clients from time to time.

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