Yellow mottling along the leaf margins may indicate an excess of potassium. Flowers are openly funnel-shaped, pale yellow colored & unmarked. Flowers are funnel-bell-shaped with wavy edges & have inside of light yellowish-pink edged with pink & the outside has deep pink midribs. She specializes in topics concerning health, crafts, family and lifestyles. The dark green, mildew-resistant foliage makes a wonderful contrast to the radiant blooms as well as the attractive red buds that persist throughout winter. Other varieties can hold their leaves for three or even four seasons. We planted it in the spring. Tolerates full sun, blooms early to mid spring & reaches roughly 2 feet tall. Tolerates full sun, blooms mid spring & reaches roughly 2 feet tall. Leaves are very small, elliptic, shiny & dark green. First, take a look at how well your soil drains. Rhododendrons affected with phytophthora exhibit symptoms such as stunted growth and wilted leaves. Produces dome-shaped trusses of 16. You just never know when that hard “killing frost” is going to hit, but if you are not ready to deal with it, then you very well might suffer some serious losses. Produces compact trusses of 1- 3 flowers. Here are some tips to manage the freezing events that will be coming our way…, Summer Hours:  Monday - Saturday 9:00am to 5:00pm & Sunday 10:00am to 5:00pm, Classes Shop At Home Blog, Directions Contact Us, Our Experts Careers, Events Gift Cards Info Hub, Sunnyside Nursery, 3915 Sunnyside Blvd., Marysville, WA 98270, How To Protect Our Gardens From Damaging Freezes. Produces flat trusses that hold 9 to 10 flowers. Flowers are openly funnel-shaped with frilly edges, light yellow coloring with pink-purplish-red edges & deep red nectarines red filaments. A dense grower that is broader than tall. It is a great plant with delightful foliage that will make a wonderful impression in your garden. Leaves are elliptic & a moderate yellow-green color. A reliable, tight, compact grower that has bright yellow funnel-shaped flowers on trusses of 4 to 5 flowers. © Copyright 2020 Hearst Communications, Inc. It most often affects rhododendrons in the spring and fall and after a series of warm days and cool nights. Her fiction writing appears in "Bewildering Stories," "The Other Herald" and "Spectacular Speculations.". If the same symptom appears in new leaves, then it is likely … Avoid overhead watering, and clean garden tools after each use. While we think of rhododendron as evergreen, they gradually cast off leaves on older wood as the plant grows and matures. Produces ball-shaped trusses that hold 15 flowers. The flowers are banana or gold-yellow with burgundy red dots. Feed established plants with an acidic fertilizer before they bloom and again when buds form and when blooms begin to fade. Flowers are broadly funnel-shaped, sometimes double, with wavy-edges & are light greenish yellow. "California Sunset" is an evergreen rhododendron and has pink double blooms that appear in early midseason. If you see your rhododendron leaves turning yellow, review each and every element of the plant’s care. Blooms mid spring & reaches roughly 3 feet tall. So it can be startling when you notice that a usually healthy plant has all its leaves curled inward. Seaweed is a growth stimulant and the sequestered iron supplies the nutrient in just the way the plant needs it. Diagnosing Rhododendron Problems Yellow Leaves Chlorotic (pale) leaves are a sign of low fertility for all types of plants, not just rhododendrons. Rhododendron With Yellowing Leaves Nutrient Deficiency. For the past 2-3 months the leaves have slowly been yellowing and turning brown in spots. Flowers are bell-shaped & creamy yellow with flushed pink, held in lax truss of 3-5 flowers. Has a rounded, compact habit. Yellow or yellow-white (chlorotic) leaves may mean there is too much calcium, which … Winters in the northwest can be unpredictable. Blooms mid to late spring & reaches roughly 4 feet tall. Blooms mid spring & reaches roughly 3 feet tall. Grows slowly & is very compact, flowering reliably & abundantly every year. Blooms mid spring & reaches roughly 3 feet tall. Yellow rhododendron leaves often represent the plant’s expression of dissatisfaction with its care. My hostas have mushed down to nothing, but the roses are still blooming. Avoid full sun & tolerates full shade. Family Ericaceae . When lime hating plants start to display yellowing leaves Vitax Seaweed plus Sequestered Iron applied as a drench over the foliage and the ground around the plant will often help to restore the foliage. Produces flat trusses of 8-9 flowers. The leaves of Rhododendron are relatively fragile. New growth has powdery indumentum on top. As I look around my neighborhood, I can still see trees (like my neighbor’s corkscrew willow) that are green as grass and completely foliated, while next to them are maples that are fully denuded of all their summer leaves. If they are not grown in soil with proper acidity, the plants can exhibit symptoms of iron deficiency, which causes the breakdown of green between leaf veins, and yellowing. Flowers are openly funnel-shaped, pale greenish-yellow to light yellow colored with a small, vivid red flare. Leaves are elliptic, recurved, glossy dark green & bronze colored in winter. Is a dense & spreading shrub. Symptoms: Leaves yellow and/or develop dark purple tone. Has yellow-green flowers with "flashy" purplish-pink margins. A dense grower that blooms early to mid spring & reaches roughly 3 feet tall. Dear OSU Extention experts, I planted a PJM rhododendron this spring. Along with yellowing, leaves affected with powdery mildew may also curl and drop off and flowers may become distorted. Rhododendrons are acid-loving plants. I have not fertilized beyond mulch and a bit of old coffee grounds. Proper fertilization keeps plants healthy and prevents yellowing of foliage. One potential Rhododendron problem is that the leaves are turning yellow. Blooms mid spring & reaches roughly 5 feet tall. Such is the nature of our Pacific Northwest falls/winters. Leaves are elliptic, with an apiculate apex, convex & are dark green. Flowers are openly bell-shaped & light yellow colored with upper petals spotted greenish-brown. Find rhododendrons that thrive in your zone to prevent disease that can cause the plant's leaves to yellow. The leaves eventually turn yellow and the entire plant can die. Flowers are funnel bell-shaped with wavy edges & brilliant orange-yellow coloring with deep pink margins. Leaves are narrowly elliptic to elliptic, shiny, medium green & bronze colored when new. Flowers are openly funnel-shaped with wavy lobes, light yellow coloring with some early orange shading on lobes & reverse. "Horizon Monarch" produces yellow funnel-shaped blooms with dark green elliptical leaves that blooms midseason. Blooms early spring & reaches roughly 2 feet tall. I have a fairly young rhododendron (at least two years). Synonyms Azalea ponticum Azalea pontica. Leaves are narrowly elliptic to elliptic, have an acute apex & are green. When rhododendrons turn yellow between leaf veins it is generally a sign of low pH in the soil. Tolerates full sun, blooms mid spring & reaches roughly 2 feet tall. Produces ball-shaped trusses that hold 19 flowers. Flowers are openly bell-shaped & light yellow coloring with deeper shading of brilliant yellow, held in loose, ball-shaped trusses of 10-12 flowers. Has a prostrate, mounding habit. Blooms early to mid spring & reaches roughly 3 feet tall. Leaves are broadly elliptic, glossy & dark green. Has an upright, dense growth habit. Symptoms: Decline in vigour and leaves turn yellow … Powdery mildew, caused by a fungus, can cause a faint yellowing of expanded leaves. Produces ball-shaped trusses of about 20 flowers. Next to this rhododendron, i have a mapple tree which leaves don't look healthy either and plants under the mapple tree are turning yellow too, including groundcovers. Powdery mildew, caused by a fungus, can cause a faint yellowing of expanded leaves. Prefers afternoon shade. This plant has received the award for Rhododendron of the Year from the American Rhododendron Society. Rhododendrons include over 800 species of plants in the Ericaceae family. Leaves are elliptic, have an apiculate apex & are yellowish-green. Produces dome-shaped trusses of 11 flowers. ... leaf drop can happen in the Spring or the Autumn, both seasons, or not at all. We are a retail garden center servicing our local communities & currently not able to ship our products. Pink with yellow & red blotched flowers that are truly stunning. Blooms early to mid spring & reaches roughly 1.5 feet tall. Leaves are elliptic, have a broadly acute apex & are a dull, moderate olive green. There are actually several reasons rhodies might start looking a little unhappy, depending on the season. Some rhododendrons hold their leaves for a season, dropping the older leaves in spring, fall or both seasons.

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