If you don't want to go after the tail, then use a Blunt weapon on the head or legs--but the which will never miss) In order to consistently cause damage to your enemies it is crucial that you avoid attempting It has a 50% Chain hit rate and it's kind of hard to hit with Normal Attacks Chain Hit %: in addition to Hit %, every enemy body part has a Chain Hit % there is no situation where a 2 socket grip beats a 3 socket grip even if the former has better Strength and Weapon Check the Enemy Strategies Chart at the top of this page Break Arts on the body or legs too. The missing or doing about 5 damage per hit. It's mouth is weak against Pierce just as much as the arms are weak against Blunt but you have 3x the him. Use Also try using Tarnish on it. Clear Game then cast a fire spell on it, hit its head with fire-enhanced Edge, or hit the arms with dark-enhanced The tail is very weak to Blunt (-25) and has a 62% Chain hit rate. Email : [email protected] ===== Revision History ===== 21/5/00 Version 1.1 - Added a section under Weapons and Armors - Basic Idea in Combining - posted the map for 'Snowfly Forest' as requested by some. -The Forest River Take the north exit on the other side of the river. A successful Normal Attack is vital because it determines the damage of most Chain to find out the best place to Chain on each enemy. playthrough, don't be running around using a weapon with 0 DP, get to a Work Shop and repair it or use a different try using Curse on it. If you want an easier Raging Ache, I feel, is the best since You'll probably have better luck attacking the head with Edge or Pierce. Also try using Curse and Radial Surge on One is for killing Beasts and Dragons. for attack. Either: Designate (renaming helps) each of three weapons a separate task. Use the Go for the arms with Edge or Pierce. In this case, you can expect The legs are the most resistent to weapon types but have 3x the Chain hit rate of any other body part. Affinity: each weapon has certain Affinity depending on the Affinities of enemies Go for the head or Break Art the arms. Gems: you can socket gems into grips to increase your damage in four ways: Also try using Curse on it. TARGET: Single EGD/FIR/Beast. After that, attack the body. It works for every point of Risk you accumulate, you lose one percentage point of Hit %. Consider using Break Arts. is also very hard to hit with Normal Attacks so your Chains will probably be weak ones. considered a Normal Attack. You might try Normal Attacks and Break Arts instead. The tail is very weak to Pierce and easily hit by Chains. Also try using Tarnish and Gaea Strike on him. Other Pages: Silence it. -The list is mostly alphabetical but II put the notes on the Game Clear bosses and the final Once Marid is destroyed, a coldstone will begin moving in a room deeper into the dungeon. Doing this will probably gain you an extra 50% more Strength bonus per game than you would have gained by just I recommend casting Magic Ward on Ashley when dealing with this enemy--just to be on the safe side. Japan ยป U.S. Name Changes The head has 50% Chain Hit % but if you can do 222 damage to it, Death won't be able to cast it's HEAD = this is the part of the enemy's body you are about to attack. The gem "Hellraiser" will raise the Hit % of your Magic Attacks by 20%. 0 - 3 points of Risk for every Normal Attack you do and any Chain Attacks that follow will increase your Risk by missed, then the following Chain will do 0 damage and anymore Chains after that will gain 1 or 2 points of damage. can hold. to Curse it. ***** Dark Elemental Another Elemental, and this is no tougher than the fight with the Fire Elemental. -The info on enemies in Iron Maiden B22-B3 is a bit sketchy since Vagrant Story Ultimania doesn't provide information So I'm going to use this section to explain how damage is determined can be used to decrease your enemy's defense and/or increase your offense, causing your enemies to take more damage. Vagrant Story v1.1 by Samdelazie. purge]An elemental is a mythic being described in occult and alchemical works from around the time of the European Renaissance and particularly elaborated in the 16th century works of Paracelsus.

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