They use their own Billy Bee brand of honey to make this condiment. However, there are vegan “honey mustard… Honey mustard … This is rare for companies and also something admirable about this brand. On salads, in a glaze, served with grilled veggies and more. Billy Bee is known for making delicious Canadian honey… Find a local grocer. Rich, creamy plant-based perfection. Billy Bee creates classic honey mustard that many people are familiar with. This version is oil-free and has less calories and fat than the traditional as well as most store-bought vegan "honey" mustard brands. Not only that, but it is also popular in vegans and some specific vegan honey mustard brands are popular too. No dairy, gluten, soy or eggs. Whereas honey mustard is the combination of honey with mustard (usually with 1:1 ratio), and it adds extra flavor to make your existing recipes even more delicious. 1 Because honey is largely considered non-vegan, it rules out any condiment containing the stuff. As the name suggests, it’s a blend of honey and mustard, usually mixed in a 1:1 ratio. In fact, store-bought vegan brands typically clock in … Trendy vegan brand Follow Your Heart have pulled off the perfect creamy, tangy, sweet honey mustard sauce whilst keeping it honey, dairy, egg and nasties free.

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