Normally Bratwurst are cooked on the grill, while Sausage of other types are either made with breakfast or used as an appetizer with cheese and crackers. Fun Facts About Bratwursts. Bratwurst stands out with fans because it is so versatile. Sausage has come to include a dizzying array of meat products. Generally, sausage is recognized as any tissue or organ that has been salted for preservation and stuffed into casings, traditionally made from the intestines of the animal. Sausages, brats, bangers, and dogs are terms that are often used when referring to any of the fresh sausage links we adore for their ability to pair well with ball games and beer. But keep in mind that Bratwurst is a type of Sausage its self. It is likely that you can distinguish a hot dog from the bunch, but do you know the difference between a sausage and a bratwurst? Not always. So yes, most Bratwurst is from cow meat, but not all! what exactly do you mean by unconventional? Bratwurst sausages originated in the 14th century in Nuremberg, Germany. But Bratwurst are different from most Sausages because in German Bratwurst means fried sausage. Generally when sausage is made, the meat that is used is the odd peices. Bratwurst can be from pork (pig), beef (cow), or veal (young cows). You can fill it with different things, like cheese or peppers, you can enjoy it plain, or you can even cook it in beer. No gristle or pig snout, ears or tail or crap like that because all of that is tough and never cooks up so you would notice it when you eat. Bratwurst is practically synonymous with sausage throughout Germany.

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