Smoking pork shoulder can be an intense task. Required fields are marked *. I hope it helps you reach a conclusion and find your best flavors for your next BBQ on the weekend. Oak woods (red oak and white oak) are considered one of the best hardwoods around. Mesquite wood is considered as one of the strongest and fastest burning woods. When it comes to smoking, this is the first choice of wood for those who are new in the art. You can use them with different recipes and still get perfect results. For newbies, it’s impossible to go wrong with this flavor. This subtleness is what makes maple wood very unique. Hickory wood alone goes best with pork. This is not a commercial to promote cigarettes or the general habit of smoking cigarettes. You can only try to conclude yourself. From the shoulder to the ribs, just about every part of the pork can be grilled. Smokehouse Products Cherry Wood Pellets For Smoking, 14. Have a glance at 15 best wood pellets for smoking I have listed to understand their special features, then we will evaluate later. Bear Mountain Hickory Wood Pellets For Smoking, 5. They can be smoked using wood such as alder, apple, or maple. I like to use it to smoke briskets. This kind of pellet includes chemicals and other substances that are toxic to your health so that you couldn’t use it for cooking purposes. Wood chips are small pieces of wood about 1-2 inches. Copyright © 2020 | | All right reserved. Chunks are also more suitable for smoking as they tend to add a rich smoky flavor derived from the barks they come along with. To give you a better idea of how important it might be, you can imagine it on par with learning how to season your barbecue. Fruit-woods such as apple and cherry woods are usually the first choice for smoking salmon but maple and oak can also do an excellent job. It, therefore, takes more time to smoke properly and would, consequently, require different wood types and wood size. It is usually best used to smoke pork and poultry. In short, you can use it with all smoking options. Below is a list of the best wood pellets for smoking that you can refer to. The flavor it produces is also subtle as well as light and sweet. It’s what the manufacturer has done for us before. This product pairs with everything you want to grill in a perfect way. This smoking wood mixes well with hickory, oak, pecan or alder. All the materials are sourced across North America to ensure product quality. They are sustainably collected and produced by a well-known Traeger company in the USA. The Different Sizes of Wood and Their Best Uses, The Best Woods for the Best Kind of Smoking, Sandwich Fillings That Don’t Need Refrigeration, Red Bull Smoothie Recipe – Powerful Energy Smoothie. participates in the Amazon Affiliates Program – if you make a purchase after clicking a link from to, we will receive a small percentage of the sale at no extra cost to you. It contains 100% cherry wood with Pacific Northwest alder base wood. They are best for smoking pork ribs and shoulders, beef ribs and briskets, whole poultry as well as other large cuts of meat. Traeger Grills is well known for its variety of wood pellets for smoking and other equipment. For newbies, it’s impossible to go wrong with this flavor. The pecan wood produces similar results with hickory when used to smoke meats. Lumber Jack BBQ 7 varieties Wood Pellets For Smoking, 15. Alder wood chip flavor—how does it affect taste? They are also all-natural hardwoods with no flavorings, fillers, or additives. pulled pork, chicken, vegetables, beef, and lamb. They usually come in small rod or pea sizes. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. People eat more chicken than any other poultry and the art of smoking chicken is becoming something that more and more people are embracing daily. Their flavor pairs wonderful with the meat to make mouthwatering dishes. The smoke is increased quickly by the support of fan system. Besides pork, it’s also good for chicken and beef. It is best used to smoke salmon, poultry, pork and some groups of game foul. Let’s find the answer to your questions which you have in your mind about best wood pellets for smoking. It is therefore advisable to use this wood for smoking pork, ham, and poultry. The best, and usually, the most common types of wood to use in smoking pork shoulder include hickory and apple. The wood selection is very important because it will decide the overall result of your cooking. You will not be able to use woods that are poorly stored which contain mold or fungus. It has a capacity of 20 pounds and can use nearly 20 times. Smokehouse Products Cherry Wood Pellets is my go-to product for smoking pulled pork and other light meats. You also don’t need to figure out how to mix a variety of woods before grilling and smoking. Your email address will not be published. Generally speaking, a smoker will burn 1/2 pound of wood pellets per hour. Your email address will not be published. Relate: A Mouth-Watering Brisket Injection Recipe. This is because the shoulder is filled with connective tissues and tight muscles and would need a long and slow process of smoking to tenderize and become succulent enough to be enjoyed. For instance, when too much of it is used, the meat could end up with a bitter flavor. BBQR’s Delight Apple Flavor Wood Pellets For Smoking, 9. Cherry is another great all-purpose fruitwood for all types of meat. Hold on one second. Oak, hickory, and mesquite are top on the list of the woods you should use. Smokehouse Alder Wood Pellets For Smoking, 8. If you are not sure how to choose the flavor of wood pellets for your smoked dishes, try Lumber Jack BBQ 7 varieties Wood Pellets available in 7 1-pound packages of different aromas. For those who consider smoking foods as a hobby or a career, they pay close attention to the selection of best wood pellets for smoking and consider it an extremely important task. When it comes to smoking salmon, nothing can beat alder. Birch trees grow mostly in northern climes with a few growing as far south as South America. When it comes to smoking pork ribs, the best woods to use include, oak, maple, pecan, and hickory. If you do not cook often, this high volume is enough, because if the wood pellets are not well-preserved, they will get moist easily. Pit Boss Competition Blend Wood Pellets For Smoking, 13. In terms of quality, Traeger Grills PEL314 Pecan Wood Pellets’ moisture to smoke ratio stays at 5% to ensure the thick smoke for your cooking. Last but not least, they burn hotter and cleaner for perfect taste and create nice barks for your meats, veggies and other foods. This large cut of meat can take about 3-6 hours and at a high heat of 225 degrees to smoke completely. Chicken whole, on the other hand, is a larger cut of meat. When burning, they form dense smoke and cover cooking meats so that the meats are soaked with smoky smell until finish. It is also important that you recognize that different sizes of wood serve different purposes. I know what you are thinking. Nothing can beat it when it comes to smoking beef and poultry. If you want a hint of charcoal flavor for your food, then go ahead and purchase BBQrs Delight Jack Daniels Wood Pellets. You should try this combination as soon as possible. I usually stock Pit Boss Competition Blend wood pellets in my pantry because they’re versatile and convenient.

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