Taxonomic source(s) del Hoyo, J., Collar, N.J., Christie, D.A., Elliott, A. and Fishpool, L.D.C. Ecology, Adaptations, Etc: The Inca tern has a streamlined shape for diving and plunging into water during feeding. The birth of INCA 30 years ago coincided with the start of the Tees Seals […] Little Tern Season 2018 23-10-2018. The red colouring reduces ultraviolet sensitivity, which in any case is an adaptation more suited to terrestrial feeders like the gulls, and this protects the eye from UV damage. The … Inca terns nest… In 1998, the Inca tern was featured on an Antiguan stamp. Inca terns are unique and beautiful birds—slender with white-tipped gray feathers, a white curly moustache, yellow lips and a bright orange-red bill. Inca terns have a dark gray body and a red beak and legs. Michael Gochfeld and Joanna Burger Version: 1.0 — Published March 4, 2020 Text last updated November 12, 2016 INCA publishes seal article in respected periodical 29-03-2019. Inca Tern is a superb and unique seabird with very peculiar plumage and head pattern, so different from other seabirds. The mustache ornaments seem to provide a good indication of individual quality among adult Inca … Moustache-like tufts of white feathers on each side of their beak signal maturity in males and females. Description. The chicks which hatch in deep holes are protected for longer time from predators, whereas the nests distant from the cliffs are more exposed to predation by raptors and larges seabirds. The Inca tern has mainly dark plumage, and three species that mainly eat insects, the black tern, white-winged tern, and black-bellied tern, have black underparts in the breeding season. The Anous noddies have dark plumage with a pale head cap. More. Predators and parasites . 2014. They feed primarily on small fish, such as anchovies, and catch their prey by diving into the water with their pointed beak. The Inca tern is a slender bird with slate-colored plumage. Little Tern Season 2018 The maximum number of Little Terns recorded in 2018 was 144 […] Tees MoU Annex and Implementation Plan Published 20-12-2017 Due to these differences, the Inca Tern is the only member of the genus “Larosterna”. Inca Tern chooses deep crevices in rocks where there are numerous cavities and good protection by cliffs.

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